first day

yep, this is the first day of year 2014, and all that i do is watching Suits season 1, a tv series about law firm (Harvey is just adorable and he’s very look-alike Johnny Depp, which i’m crazy about haha). i got up at 2 pm, yeah i know, i’m sleeping more than a baby. And then i just watched the series in my room until this time. There is a short notice about me playing in a concert or not, and they’ve said that i need to do one more audition to decide that i’m good enough or not to play in the concert. I don’t know if i should embarrassed of myself because i don’t try my best or grateful for having a second chance. But maybe i should be grateful as well as feel embarrassed too, because at least you have a second chance to show that you can be good if you try. This is my last concert maybe in my undergraduate programs in college, just try not to screwed things up. Besides that, i have a little information too that can help me run my little ‘business’ again :D that’s all. Sleep tight peeps !